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[sticky post] Plush Wishlist

Pokemon Plush Wishlist
(Last update: May 09th, 2016)

... and more!

Check out my wishlist/wants list at my site. It's very up to date!

I'm from Mexico, and I'm aware of high shipping prices. Please let me know the total price of a certain plush you want to sell!

Plushies must have hang tags attached or detached. The condition of the hang tags doesn't matter as long as it's not terribly beat up. Small creases are accepted!
The plush itself must be mint or almost mint.
It really really super really upsets me whenever I tell them "Hey, let's do this" and they are like "I don't know...", but when somebody tells them to do something, they immediately agree.
Like I am in the lowest part of the important people in their list or something.
This is not okay to do... It seriously affects me and my heart...
I want to tell her those 2 words... but I'm scared of her reaction... but I really mean it with all my heart.
Hope an opportunity arises.
Have you forgotten what you told me?
I'm starting to think so...

May. 25th, 2016

To be honest, I was not okay when they changed their plans some months ago. No, it was not okay but I said it was.
It wasn't. Not even after what happened to me.
That decision was very egoistic and they just don't care anymore what happens to the plans I'd made with them.
I guess I'm glad for them but I'm also sad that I was left behind so suddenly for a quick idea from someone else.
Must I be looking for my own benefit like they do? No... I can't do it, I'm not like that. But it hurts and makes me cry.
It's just not fair.

May. 24th, 2016

Yesterday was a lovely day thanks to my beautiful girlfriend, Betta.
She was the first to say happy birthday to me~
Boof! Woof!

May. 22nd, 2016

Yes! I'll be able to cry tomorrow in my room!

May. 20th, 2016

Eveyone else: Well, I don't have a very big family, just my mother, father and siblings... oh and we visit our grandparents everyday, my aunt and uncle every week and I hang out with my cousins every two days. That's just with my mother's side, however with my father's side is just the same except it's every 3 weeks lol

Me: I have a mother (?) with mental issues ... and the rest of my family doesn't even call me even though they have my number. Oh but some do, like 1 actually. And I have a lovely girlfriend, yes I consider her my family. So, just 3 members.

I wish I was part of those united families.
Guess I'll never what a good mother is, or having a sibling is like, even how a grandmother cooks or how a grandfather treats you. However I do feel proud of having a father who is responsible, supportive, lovable and hard-working... but it's not fair that he didn't last as much.

May. 17th, 2016

That moment when...
You look to your surroudings and notice everyone typing on their cellphones.
Like, who are they talking to? Doesn't that person they are writing to have nothing to do? Of course they do...
And you look at yourself, then at your phone and notice how nobody talks to you.
I guess it's better this way.
Having one person who you trust is just fine.
But I feel jealous, but not for myself.
My emotions are difficult to deal with.
I just scream internally for that peace.
It is strange... for I was not a depressed being.
The feeling is not new, but it was different.
Nobody was missing in my life, there were minor things that distressed me to the point of a few days of being sad.
However, ever since that day, my mood swings have been so terrible that I feel everyone gets tired of them, but not as much as I do.
From some seconds of happiness to hours of sadness, from feeling support and love from the one you love the most to feeling lonely when they're gone, from being happy by someone's side to being incredibly clingy and annoying.
It is May.
I knew May was going to be a hard month for me. It feels so empty, it doesn't feel special like it used to. It hurts my mind and body, I'm getting tired at everything with ease, not wanting to do much but not because of laziness but because of the stress of work, dealing with my mother, of school, dealing with myself.
Also, I'm feeling useless. As much as I want to help, I feel that they don't give me that opportunity, even though I think it's not because of me. However, it hurts me when people accept others' help instead of mine.
Everyone gets tired of repeating me things since I cannot hear them or because my mind is wondering elsewhere, gets tired of my attitude, gets tired of me not doing things properly making myself feel even more stupid. Don't people get it? I feel left out when they get tired of me, I feel lonely, I feel useless and not worthy of anything.
I have feelings too, and with my mind being so fragile right now, everything intensifies in my head. Small details make me feel bad, offended, discouraged.
I want to continue living. I sometimes like to think of the future, even though I stopped doing it since I was told it bothered them, to distract myself from what I'm living, to have a goal in mind, to progress just a bit. However, reality hits me, and makes me cry every time I think of how things are now.
Crying is awful. It makes my head ache too much. So, most of the time I hold it in, taking big breaths, distracting myself reading ads, trying to think of other things. I've been holding my tears frequently, letting all out in my room, pretending to be asleep when mother needs me because she would ask what's wrong and she wouldn't understand, I'm tired of explaining the same things since that day. Oh yes, a headache has occurred.