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[sticky post] Plush Wishlist

Pokemon Plush Wishlist
(Last update: July 24th, 2016)

... and more!

Check out my wishlist/wants list at my site. It's very up to date!

I'm from Mexico, and I'm aware of high shipping prices. Please let me know the total price of a certain plush you want to sell!

Plushies must have hang tags attached or detached. The condition of the hang tags doesn't matter as long as it's not terribly beat up. Small creases are accepted!
The plush itself must be mint or almost mint.

Dec. 6th, 2016

Vino a verme en su bici!!!!
AHHHH quería escribirlo aquí pero no podía... así que tuve que contarle a mi amiga inmediatamente xux"

Se veía tan cansada, el viaje si está pesado, más porque todo es de subida pero me alegra que la ciclopista haya servido... y ojalá sea cómoda para ella!
Lástima que ya oscurecía u.u"

Verla fuera de mi casa en su bici me hizo muy feliz porque me visitó... aún no puedo con tanta felicidad!!!

Y en toda la felicidad olvidé decirle felicidades por su aniversario... porqué eres tan dah, Neón?!?!?! x.x

Sigo... realmente feliz por ese detalle! ./////. (ya aguanta mucho en la bici!)

Gets + Grail at last!

I received a lovely package with many plushies from my aunt two weeks ago and I wanted to show you all because in this box arrived a grail of mine!
Spritzee will guide you in the pictures~

What's in the box?
Cut here to see!Collapse )

Have a nice day, everyone :)


What people said: I'm going to be here for whatever you want.
Me: Asks for some help.
People: Except for that, unless you pay me.
People: I have my own problems.
People: It's been a while already, you should stand up by now.
I want to tell her those 2 words... but I'm scared of her reaction... but I really mean it with all my heart.
Hope an opportunity arises.

May. 24th, 2016

Yesterday was a lovely day thanks to my beautiful girlfriend, Betta.
She was the first to say happy birthday to me~
Boof! Woof!

May. 20th, 2016

Eveyone else: Well, I don't have a very big family, just my mother, father and siblings... oh and we visit our grandparents everyday, my aunt and uncle every week and I hang out with my cousins every two days. That's just with my mother's side, however with my father's side is just the same except it's every 3 weeks lol

Me: I have a mother (?) with mental issues ... and the rest of my family doesn't even call me even though they have my number. Oh but some do, like 1 actually. And I have a lovely girlfriend, yes I consider her my family. So, just 3 members.

I wish I was part of those united families.
Guess I'll never what a good mother is, or having a sibling is like, even how a grandmother cooks or how a grandfather treats you. However I do feel proud of having a father who is responsible, supportive, lovable and hard-working... but it's not fair that he didn't last as much.
It is strange... for I was not a depressed being.
The feeling is not new, but it was different.
Nobody was missing in my life, there were minor things that distressed me to the point of a few days of being sad.
However, ever since that day, my mood swings have been so terrible that I feel everyone gets tired of them, but not as much as I do.
From some seconds of happiness to hours of sadness, from feeling support and love from the one you love the most to feeling lonely when they're gone, from being happy by someone's side to being incredibly clingy and annoying.
It is May.
I knew May was going to be a hard month for me. It feels so empty, it doesn't feel special like it used to. It hurts my mind and body, I'm getting tired at everything with ease, not wanting to do much but not because of laziness but because of the stress of work, dealing with my mother, of school, dealing with myself.
Also, I'm feeling useless. As much as I want to help, I feel that they don't give me that opportunity, even though I think it's not because of me. However, it hurts me when people accept others' help instead of mine.
Everyone gets tired of repeating me things since I cannot hear them or because my mind is wondering elsewhere, gets tired of my attitude, gets tired of me not doing things properly making myself feel even more stupid. Don't people get it? I feel left out when they get tired of me, I feel lonely, I feel useless and not worthy of anything.
I have feelings too, and with my mind being so fragile right now, everything intensifies in my head. Small details make me feel bad, offended, discouraged.
I want to continue living. I sometimes like to think of the future, even though I stopped doing it since I was told it bothered them, to distract myself from what I'm living, to have a goal in mind, to progress just a bit. However, reality hits me, and makes me cry every time I think of how things are now.
Crying is awful. It makes my head ache too much. So, most of the time I hold it in, taking big breaths, distracting myself reading ads, trying to think of other things. I've been holding my tears frequently, letting all out in my room, pretending to be asleep when mother needs me because she would ask what's wrong and she wouldn't understand, I'm tired of explaining the same things since that day. Oh yes, a headache has occurred.


Re-intro + Gets + Collection Update!

Hello, it's been so long since I last posted in the community (I've been stalking constantly though). I appear here to make a post after a whole year passed. Since I saw many new users here and not many remember me, I'm going ahead and introudce myself again:

I'm a 23 year old collector living in Mexico and a veterinarian student. I mainly collect plushies but recently I started collecting cards. My favorite Pokemon is Spritzee and my favorite generation so far is the third one. I started playing Pokemon when I was 6 - 7 years old with Pokemon Red and I'm still playing those games (hoping to one day challenge many other trainers in the world with my dream team~).
(Warning: Image heavy)

Gets!Collapse )
Collection this way!Collapse )

That's not all but I don't want to fill this post with more items, haha! You can check everything else in my site Super-Neon at weebly~ (The site is still in construction but very up to date).

I'm still looking for the Mareep UFO and now the Swablu Doll (I'm desperate for both but I'm not going to pay for overpriced items, so I hope I get them both this year!).
Thank you for looking!~

Collection update + Re-intro

Hello! It's been a while since I post a collection update (last time was around March!) and I couldn't wait any longer to post. My first collection post in the community was on January 16th, 2013, however, I wanted to post a few days earlier since we've been having cloudy days and I just got my last get of 2014.
So, let's get to it!~

I'm Neon, I'm currently going to University and I'm studying veterinary in Mexico. As an animal lover, I live with 4 dogs, 6 cats and 1 bunny. I've been into Pokemon since Pokemon Red arrived to North America and fell in love with the games and the anime (mostly the games). My favorite Pokemon is Spritzee, and even though I don't collect it particularly, it's more than enough for me to own a plush of it.

Right now, I have 152 Pokemon plushies. I collect plushies that I find cute, by different brands, and from Pokemon I like. The way my collection is ordered is by types, except for Palkia, Dialga, both Keldeo and shiny Magikarp (This is because they are the largest items I own, my second favorite Pokemon is Keldeo and Magikarp doesn't fit with the rest of the water creatures :'D).

This is how my collection looks right now!Collection pics! Heavy imagesCollapse )

Thank you for reading ^-^